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Call for Papers
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Security '06 Call for Papers


Program Chair
Angelos D. Keromytis, Columbia University

Program Committee
William Arbaugh, University of Maryland
Lee Badger, DARPA
Peter Chen, University of Michigan
Bill Cheswick, Lumeta
Marc Dacier, Eurecom, France
Ed Felten, Princeton University
Virgil Gligor, University of Maryland
John Ioannidis, Columbia University
Trent Jaeger, Pennsylvania State University
Somesh Jha, University of Wisconsin
Louis Kruger, University of Wisconsin
Wenke Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fabian Monrose, Johns Hopkins University
Andrew Myers, Cornell University
Vassilis Prevelakis, Drexel University
Niels Provos, Google
Michael Reiter, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Roe, Microsoft Research, UK
R. Sekar, Stony Brook University
Anil Somayaji, Carleton University
Jessica Staddon, PARC
Salvatore Stolfo, Columbia University
David Wagner, University of California, Berkeley
Brian Weis, Cisco
Tara Whalen, Dalhousie University

Invited Talks Co-Chairs
Patrick McDaniel, Pennsylvania State University
Gary McGraw, Cigital

Poster Session Chair
Radu Sion, Stony Brook University

Work-in-Progress Session Chair
Doug Szajda, University of Richmond

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