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Invited Talk Speakers
Security '05

Invited Speakers, please note . . .

1. You will be contacted by the USENIX Conference Office regarding registration and A/V requirements. You will be provided with instructions for registering on-line using the complimentary-registration form. We will provide the following equipment:

  • 1 overhead projector
  • 1 LCD projector
  • 1 screen
  • 1 wired Lavalier microphone
  • cables and extension cords
Please note: laptops are not provided. If you wish to discuss any special A/V needs, please contact Jennifer Joost, Conference Director, via email at or via phone at 510-528-8649 ext. 30.

2. Please read and print:

Instructions for Invited Speakers (HTML)
Consent Form for Invited Talks and Keynotes (HTML)

3. Please send email to Jane-Ellen Long, USENIX Production Director, to let her know you have picked up your instructions. Mention "Security '05" in the subject of your message.

4. If you wish handouts for your talk to be made available to attendees of your session, we must receive your materials by 25 July 2005.

5. In order to make your talk available on the USENIX Web site immediately after the conference, we will need your electronic files immediately after your presentation at the conference.


If you experience difficulties, please don't hesitate to send us email at, or give Jane-Ellen Long a call directly at 510-528-8649.

If you find yourself in dire straits, please contact your Program Chair, Patrick McDaniel,

?Need help? Use our Contacts page.

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Security '05