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Per-Process XOR Cookie

A safer alternative to a per kernel XOR cookie would be to use a different random cookie for every process. The cookie can be stored in the Process Control Block (PCB) outside of user readable memory. The PCB will be automatically copied on a fork() and re-initialized on an execve(). There is even an extra 32-bit padding field in the OpenBSD PCB structure that can be used to store the 32-bit cookie.

A Per-Process XOR Cookie is far safer than per kernel granularity. But the XOR cookie can be inferred if an attacker can read the distorted return pointer off the stack and can also predict what the real return pointer should be. Format string vulnerabilities allow the first condition and looking at the vendor supplied application binary can often provide the real return pointer.

The Per-Process Cookie overhead will add approximately four instructions of overhead to both the push and pop action. In a few instances it will be as few two when the PCB pointer is already available in a register.