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- Call for Participation

1st Conference on Network Administration

April 7-10, 1999
Santa Clara Marriott Hotel
Santa Clara, California

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Sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association
Co-sponsored by SAGE, the System Administrators Guild.

Important Dates

Submission deadline

November 6, 1998

Notification to authors

December 1, 1998

Camera-ready papers due

February 23, 1999

Registration material available

February 1999


Program Committee

David Williamson, Global Networking and Computing
Paul Ebersman, Vixie Enterprises

Fuat Baran, Columbia University
Brent Chapman, Covad Communications Company
Phil Draughon, RMS Business Systems
Paul Ferguson, Cisco Systems
Jeff Jensen, WebTV Networks
Bill LeFebvre, GroupSys, Inc.
Bryan McDonald, GNAC, Inc.
Hal Pomeranz, Corio, Inc.
Wade Warner, Georgia State University


The networking administration community is expanding at an ever increasing pace. Now, USENIX and SAGE have created a conference just for it.

The conference will enable dialogue among peers and experts in our field. We invite you to submit proposals to enhance the invited talks, refereed papers, tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions.

Please review this call for participation, make a submission, and join us in creating the first open network administration conference specifically designed to help you.

We look forward to your participation.


The conference is designed to create an environment allowing network administrators to come together and share ideas and techniques for managing all facets of the networking world. To facilitate these discussions, we encourage you to consider this partial topics list:

The Enterprise

  • Switching solutions for large LANs
  • Choosing a network architecture
  • Network management tools that work
  • How to integrate multiple vendors in one seamless network
  • Managing IP address space

The Internet

  • How to get on the Internet
  • Firewalls and security integration
  • Routing in the Internet
  • Choosing and dealing with an ISP

Remote Access

  • Creating secure integrated dialup services
  • DSL, ISDN, and other acronyms: what they mean

The Future

  • IPv6, and what it means to you
  • Gigabit and beyond: high speed networking
  • Quality of Service and ATM
  • Voice and data integration
  • Routing vs. Layer-3 switching

What to Submit

The most important segment of the conference is the information dialog it creates. You can do your part by submitting material in one of the following categories.

Invited Talks/Panel Discussions

If you have a presentation that is not suitable for a technical paper submission, please submit a proposal for an invited talk. The proposal should

  • include an extended outline of the talk or panel topic and format
  • include a description of your qualifications to present the topic
  • list the likely participants on the panel
  • conform to the "How and Where ..." instructions below

Acceptance will be based upon the general applicability of the topic and on availability of time in the program.

Refereed Papers

We seek papers relating work of general interest to network administrators, particularly technical papers that reflect hands-on experience or describe real solutions.

Submissions will be judged on the quality of the written submission and whether or not the work advances the art and science of network administration.

A paper submission should:

  • contain a short abstract
  • include an outline of the paper
  • conform to the "How and Where ..." instructions below

If you have a completed paper, you may submit it instead of the abstract and outline.

Please see the detailed author instructions and a sample abstract.

At least one author of each accepted paper or talk will present the paper during the technical track of the conference. Authors of an accepted refereed paper or invited talk must provide a final paper for publication in the conference proceedings. Conference proceedings containing all papers will be distributed to attendees and will also be available from USENIX once the conference ends. We also ask that, if possible, copies of presentation slides be made available for wider distribution.

Conference proceedings containing all refereed papers will be distributed to attendees and will also be available from USENIX once the conference ends.

Note that the USENIX organization, as well as most conferences and journals, requires that papers be "unique", i.e., not be submitted to more than one conference or publication. All submissions are held in the strictest confidence prior to publication in the conference proceedings, both as a matter of policy and as protected by the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976.

How and Where to Send Submissions

Please email your submission to in any one of the following formats:

  • Plain text with no extra markup
  • Postscript formated for 8.5" x 11" page
  • Microsoft Word
  • RTF
  • HTML

A cover letter with the following required information in the format below must be included with all submissions:


Names and affiliation of all authors


Primary contact for the submission


Contact's full postal address


Contact's telephone number


Contact's fax number


Contact's e-mail address


For all speaker/authors (if available)





Category of the submission (paper, invited talk, panel)





Title of the submission





Audio-visual requirements for presentation




If you enclose files as an attachment to your submission, please use MIME encoding.

We will acknowledge receipt of a submission by email within one week.


On April 7, there will be full and half-day tutorials in all areas and levels of expertise for network administrators.

If you are interested in presenting a tutorial at the conference, contact the USENIX tutorial coordinator:

Daniel V. Klein
Phone: 412.422.0285
Fax:: 412-421-2332

Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Sessions

BOF sessions are very informal gatherings of attendees interested in a particular topic. BOFs will be held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and may be scheduled at the conference or in advance by sending email to

Registration Information

Complete program and registration information will be available February 1999 at this Web site. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact:

USENIX Conference Office
22672 Lambert Street, Suite 613
Lake Forest, CA USA 92630
Phone: 949.588.8649
Fax: 949.588.9706

?Need help? Use our Contacts page.

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