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Howard C. Berkowitz (S4 Instructor)   has been helping computers talk to people and people talk to computers, occasionally muttering to computers himself, since 1969. He built networks before we knew to call them networks, and now deals with mission-critical and Internet routing involving thousands of routers. An active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), he authored or coauthored several RFCs on addressing, including RFC2072, "Router Renumbering Guide." He recently published the book Designing Address Architectures for Routing and Switching, and will have another out shortly, Designing Routing and Switching Architectures for Enterprise Networks. Active in the North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG), he has given several talks on operationally critical aspects of addressing.
Phil Cox (S2 Instructor)   is a consultant for Networking Technology Solutions, and is a member of a government incident response team. Phil frequently writes and lectures on issues bridging the gap between UNIX and Windows NT. He is a featured columnist in ;login: and is on this year's LISA Conference program committee.
Tina Darmohray (S2 Instructor)   is a network and security consultant with over a decade of experience in administration and programming of UNIX/TCP-based computers. She specializes in firewalls, Internet connections, Sendmail/DNS configurations and defensive intrusion management. Previously she was the lead for the UNIX support team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Tina was a founding board member of the System Administrators Guild, SAGE. She is also the editor of the popular SAGE short topics booklet Job Descriptions for System Administrators, editor of "SAGE News and Features" for ;login:, and co-chair of the USENIX LISA IX Conference.
Ed DeHart (S3 Instructor)   is a former member of the CERT Coordination Center, which he helped found in 1988. The CERT was formed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to serve as a focal point for the computer security concerns of Internet users. Today, Ed is the president of Pittsburgh OnLine, Inc., an ISP that operates several UNIX servers.
Jim Duncan (F3 Instructor)   is Manager of Network and Information Systems and Principal Systems Administrator for The Pennsylvania State University's Applied Research Laboratory, a multi-disciplinary research facility for the U.S. Navy and other sponsors. He is a contributor to RFC 1244, The Site Security Policy Handbook, and has developed numerous policies, guidelines, and presentations on systems and network administration, computer security, incident handling, and ethics. He has over ten years' experience in UNIX systems.
Rik Farrow (F3 Instructor)   provides UNIX and Internet security consulting and training. He has been working with UNIX system security since 1984, and with TCP/IP networks since 1988. He has taught at the IRS, Department of Justice, NSA, US West, Canadian RCMP, Swedish Navy, and for many US and European user groups. He is the author of UNIX System Security and System Administrator's Guide to System V. Farrow writes columns for ;login: and Network Magazine.
Vincent C. Jones (F4 Instructor)   is an independent consultant providing advice on network planning, design, and analysis to business and government clients. Specializing in the design, analysis and management of integrated local and wide area networks for cooperative, distributed processing in multivendor environments, Dr. Jones has over twenty-five years of experience finding practical, cost-effective solutions to complex networking issues.
William LeFebvre (F1 Instructor)   is an author, programmer, teacher, and systems administration expert. William has been using UNIX and Internet technologies since 1983 and teaching tutorials since 1989. He has written many articles on UNIX, networking and systems administration issues. Currently he is a columnist for UNIX Review, writing the monthly "Daemons & Dragons" column. William is also the editor for the SAGE series Short Topics in System Administration. William has contributed to several widely used UNIX packages, including Wietse Venema's logdaemon package.
Stuart McRobert (S4 Instructor)   is the Network Systems analyst in the Department of Computing at Imperial College in London, where he has recently designed and installed a multi-Gigabit Ethernet backbone, and along with his colleagues manages SunSITE Northern Europe, a 300+GB mirror archive. Stuart has spoken at several USENIX conferences and user group meetings in the USA, Australia, and Europe.
Marcus J. Ranum (Program Chair, F2, S1 Instructor)    is CEO and founder of Network Flight Recorder, Inc. He is the principal author of several major Internet firewall products, including the DEC SEAL, the TIS Gauntlet, and the TIS Internet Firewall Toolkit. Marcus has been managing UNIX systems and network security for over 13 years, including configuring and managing Marcus is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker on computer security topics.


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