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LISA '99: 13th Systems Administration Conference

Conference Dates:
Nov. 7-12, 1999

Exhibition Dates:
Nov. 10-11, 1999

Washington State Convention & Trade Center
800 Convention Place
Seattle, Washington

Current LISA '99 Exhibitors

Co-Sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association and SAGE, the System Administrators Guild

A unique conference offers you a unique exhibiting opportunity

REACH 2250 SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS - with major responsibility for their sites and purchasing authority for systems, network, and web management products. LISA is the largest conference exclusively for system/network administrators. Attendees at LISA manage large installation, multiple platform, heavily networked sites and they have an enormous interest in industrial strength, state-of-the-art solutions for systems administration.

For More Information:
Contact: Dana Geffner, Exhibition Coordinator
Call: 1.831.457.8649


EXPECTED ATTENDANCE: 2000 - 2250 systems administrators.
* Attendees come from all over the USA, from Canada, and abroad.
* 74% of attendees' employers have more than 500 employees
* 52% administer a facility with more than 500 workstations
* They support large, open system and cross-platform environments, Sun OS/Solaris in particular, but UNIX of all flavors, and most also support Windows NT.
* Attendees have major clout in the purchase decision, and they are eager to bring home new problem-solving products.

LISA is the largest conference exclusively for systems administrators. And it is the only conference in which the program is put together entirely by working systems administrators. The focus of the tutorials, refereed presentations, invited talks, panels in the comprehensive program is to bring system administrators the latest technology, tools, and techniques for keeping pace with rapid technological advancements and changes in the way their employers do business.

"If you're a system administrator, the USENIX LISA conference is mandatory" Andrew Binstock, UNIX REVIEW

118 total booths are available.
Booths are 10' wide x 8' deep.
Booths are pipe and drape and carpeted.
Furnishings and electricity are not included.
Sequentially numbered booths may be joined for increased space.
Floor plan is available; please ask for it by sending email to

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To Reserve Your Space or for More Information
Contact: Dana Geffner, Exhibition Coordinator
Call: 831.457.8649

Current LISA '99 Exhibitors

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