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12TH SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION CONFERENCE (LISA '98) - Dec 6-11, 1998 - Marriott Copley Place Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts
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Global LISA Workshop
Monday, December 7, 1998 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Co-Chairs: Joel Avery & Rob Kolstad

USENIX and SAGE will host the first Global-LISA Workshop for those concerned with the issues of running huge sites' networks in globally distributed ways. An experimental, highly-interactive, limited-attendance workshop, its goal is to bring together those with common interests in solving problems like these:

A large company has 22 offices throughout the United States and 41 more offices on four other continents. Time zones, languages, laws, cultures, and technology conspire to create incredible challenges for cooperative administration. Political challenges often dominate technical ones.

A university campus is no longer a single site run by a central group with uniform applications and policies. It is a network with various buildings run by different faculties with different policies and tools. How do they all get along? How do they ensure that UIDs do not conflict?

Consider a single department in a huge company, say the US Government. How does it get along and share information with the rest of the government? Is it even able to? Are the various government bodies in enough agreement to be able to interwork and trust each other? How do large organizations address the problems of coordinating their computer resources and usages?

The workshop co-chairs will create the agenda from the submissions and moderate the discussion. They will divide the workshop into topics along stated lines of interest. Participants will deliver their talks about a topic and discussion will be encouraged. A scribe will create a summary which will be reviwed by the group after each topic.

Results of the workshop will be a presentation and/or summary document that identifies and exemplifies the problems Global-LISA administrators encounter and lists solutions. It is presumed that those attendees with solutions will be matched with those who have similar problems for an interchange of ideas and applications.  

Workshop Topics
Topics for this workshop include (but are not limited to):

-   Encryption for world wide use
-   Privacy laws in different countries
-   Working in export restricted countries
-   Time zone issues
-   Language issues
-   Character set issues
-   Culture issues
-   Standard tools and hardware platforms
-   Standards for your network
-   Email systems
-   Internet usage
-   Security incident handling
-   Pornography issues
-   Spam

The workshop will have an international theme to it. Generally, country-specific issues will not be covered, but the following may be discussed:

-   US encryption algorithm export restrictions
-   French and German privacy laws
-   US export controls when dealing with China
-   French content when dealing with Quebec  

How to Participate
Anyone who is willing to deliver a five minute talk/white paper on topics such as those listed above is welcome. Submit a 250 word summary of your potential presentation along with a brief biography. Register and submit via the Web page at by November 9. All submissions will be acknowledged.

There is no additional fee to attend this workshop, but attendees must be registered for the conference technical program.


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