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Call for Papers
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LISA '07 Call for Papers


Invited Talks
An invited talk discusses a topic of general interest to attendees. Unlike a refereed paper, this topic need not be new or unique but should be timely and relevant or perhaps entertaining. A list of suggested topics is available. An ideal invited talk is approachable and possibly controversial. The material should be understandable by beginners, but the conclusions may be disagreed with by experts. Invited talks should be 60–70 minutes long, and speakers should plan to take 20–30 minutes of questions from the audience.

Invited talk proposals should be accompanied by an abstract of less than one page in length describing the content of the talk. You can also propose a panel discussion topic. It is most helpful to us if you suggest potential panelists. Proposals of a business development or marketing nature are not appropriate. Speakers must submit their own proposals; third-party submissions, even if authorized, will be rejected.

Please email your proposal to Invited talk proposals are due May 21, 2007.

The Guru Is In Sessions
Everyone is invited to bring perplexing technical questions to the experts at LISA's unique Guru Is In sessions. These informal gatherings are organized around a single technical area or topic. Email suggestions for Guru Is In sessions or your offer to be a Guru to

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