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LISA '06 Abstract

Pp. 1729 of the Proceedings

Securing Electronic Mail on the National Research and Academic Network of Italy

Roberto Cecchini, INFN, Florence; Fulvia Costa, INFN, Padua; Alberto D'Ambrosio, INFN, Turin; Domenico Diacono, INFN, Bari; Giacomo Fazio, INAF, Palermo; Antonio Forte, INFN, Rome; Matteo Genghini, IASF, Bologna; Michele Michelotto, INFN, Padua; Ombretta Pinazza, INFN, Bologna; Alfonso Sparano, University of Salerno


Sec-mail is a group of site administrators in the GARR (Gruppo Armonizzazione Reti della Ricerca - Research Networks Harmonisation Group) network dedicated to the security of E-mail services. GARR is the National Research and Academic Network of Italy.

The main points covered are in: methodologies to improve the efficiency of spam detection (mainly tuning of SpamAssassin), definition of best practices in electronic mail administration, sender domain authentication, greylisting and spam monitoring.

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