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Call for Papers
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LISA '06 Call for Papers


Program Chair
William LeFebvre, Independent Consultant

Program Committee
Narayan Desai, Argonne National Laboratory
Peter Galvin, Corporate Technologies, Inc.
Trey Harris,
John "Rowan" Littell, California College of the Arts
Adam Moskowitz, Upromise, Inc.
Mario Obejas, Raytheon
Tom Perrine, Sony Computer Entertainment America
W. Curtis Preston, GlassHouse Technologies
Amy Rich, Tufts University
Marc Staveley, SOMA Networks, Inc.
Rudi Van Drunen, Leiden Cytology and Pathology Labs
Alexios Zavras, IT Consultant

Invited Talk Coordinators
David N. Blank-Edelman, Northeastern University CCIS
Doug Hughes, Global Crossing

Guru Is In Coordinator
Philip Kizer, Estacado Systems

Workshops Coordinator
Luke Kanies, Reductive Labs

Work-in-Progress Session Coordinator
Esther Filderman, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

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