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Call for Papers
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LISA '06 Call for Papers

Program Chair: William LeFebvre, Independent Consultant

The annual LISA conference is the meeting place of choice for system, network, database, storage, security, and all other computer-related administrators. Administrators of all specialties and levels of expertise meet at LISA to exchange ideas, sharpen old skills, learn new techniques, debate current issues, and meet colleagues and friends.

People come from over 30 different countries to attend LISA. They include a wide range of administration specialties. They hail from environments of all sorts, including large corporations, small businesses, academic institutions, and government agencies. Attendees are full-time, part-time, student, and volunteer admins, as well as those who find themselves performing "admin duties" in addition to their day jobs. They support combinations of operating systems ranging from Open Source, such as Linux and the BSD releases, to vendor-specific, including Solaris, Windows, Mac OS, HP-UX, and AIX.

Get Involved!
Experts and old-timers don't have all the good ideas. This is your conference, and you can participate in many ways:

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