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19th Large Installation System Administration Conference—Abstract

Pp. 89–101 of the Proceedings

Open Network Administrator (ONA)—A Web-Based Network Management Too

Bruce Campbell and Robyn Landers, University of Waterloo


This paper presents Open Network Administrator (ONA), a web-based network management tool. Network administrators interact with ONA over the web, and ONA interacts with routers, switches and access points, using telnet and/or SNMP.

ONA provides a common web interface to a number of different vendors' network products, and provides granular access control, permitting network administrators across multiple departments to manage a network in a consistent manner. In addition to typical day-to-day operations like changing switch port speed, duplex, VLAN, etc., ONA performs a number of other maintenance operations, such as automatically backing up switch configurations, maintaining traffic graphs, and sending device reboot/up/down alerts via e-mail.

ONA leverages some existing components, such as RRDtool [1] and CVSweb [2]. A summary of existing tools, both commercial and open source, is provided, with comparisons made to ONA.

At the University of Waterloo, where there is both a central IT group and many sizeable decentralized autonomous IT groups, ONA rapidly gained widespread enthusiastic acceptance.

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