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18th Large Installation System Administration Conference, November 14-19, Atlanta, GA
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A number of tutorial seats are reserved for full-time students at the very special rate of $150.00 per day, for one full-day tutorial, two half-day tutorials, or one half-day tutorial plus the remaining half-day's technical sessions. You must email the Conference Department,, to confirm availability and make a reservation. In your email, please specify which tutorials you wish to attend. You will be given a code number to use when you register. The Conference Department must receive your registration form, with the code number, full payment, and a photocopy of your current student I.D. card, within 14 days from the date you make your reservation, or your reservation will be canceled. This special fee is nontransferable.

Please note: If you intend to apply for a student stipend (see below), you should not register for this conference until you hear the outcome of your application.

Technical Sessions
LISA '04 offers full-time students a special discount rate for technical sessions:
  1 day 2 days 3 days
Member USENIX + SAGE $75 $125 $150
Member USENIX only $100 $150 $175
Member SAGE only $115 $165 $190
Nonmember $140 $190 $215
You must include a copy of your current student I.D. card with your registration. This special fee is not transferable. Register online and then fax a copy of your student I.D. card to 510-548-5738.

Half-Day Tutorial Plus Half-Day Technical Session
LISA '04 offers full-time students a very special discount rate for a package of a half-day tutorial and the technical sessions for the remainder of that day:
1 day 2 days 3 days
$150 $300 $450
Student Stipends for Conference Attendance
A number of student stipends are available to pay for travel, accommodations, and registration fees to enable full-time students to attend the conference. To apply for a stipend, visit the USENIX student stipend Web page. Sorry, faxes will not be accepted for student stipend applications.

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