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Instructions for Authors: 18th Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA '04)

This page is for authors who have had material accepted to present at the 18th Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA '04). If you wish to submit a paper or deliver a talk at another upcoming USENIX event, please return to the Events Calendar page and select the conference in which you're interested.

Accepted authors, please....

  • Use one of the approved file formats for crafting your paper. This will be described in email you will receive from our typesetter, Rob Kolstad.
  • Submit your first draft to your shepherd by June 18, 2004.
  • Submit a near-final electronic copy of your paper to your assigned shepherds for comments on or before July 25, 2004.
  • Complete and email your final paper to Rob Kolstad for typesetting on or before August 13, 2004.
  • Complete and mail the USENIX consent-to-publish form to USENIX by September 7, 2004.
  • Contact your session chair (identified in email to you from the program chair) and provide a brief biography of one or two paragraphs that can be read as an introduction to your talk.
Details of these requirements follow:
  1. Submission Format

    To ensure a uniform look in the Conference Proceedings, the papers will be typeset for you by Rob Kolstad. Authors are requested to submit electronic copy in one of many forms:

    • ASCII
    • ASCII with markup for italics, etc. (e.g., <i> ... </i>)
    • Troff
    • LaTeX
    • Microsoft Word (but be wary of MS Word illustrations)

    Submission in PDF or Postscript is unacceptable.

    The typesetter will create PostScript files for the printed Proceedings. Submissions will also be published in PDF and HTML on the USENIX Web site. Final typeset copy will be returned to you for approval.

    If by June 4 you have not received detailed preparation instructions for your final paper from Rob Kolstad, who will be formatting the Proceedings, please send him email at

  2. Shepherding

    The program chair will assign all authors one or more "shepherds" who will read a draft of the paper and provide comments. Authors will be notified by email of the identities and email addresses of their shepherds. Please email shepherds a first draft of your paper (addressing all issues in the reviews) as soon as possible, but no later than June 18, 2004. Shepherds will read that copy and provide suggestions to help you write the best possible paper. Please feel free to contact shepherds for clarification on reviewers' comments, and to ask any writing questions that might come up during the process of writing your paper and addressing reviewers' comments.

  3. Final Manuscript Deadline

    Please be aware that your final materials (fully edited paper, with all figures) are due August 13, 2004. This must be your absolutely final version of the paper; revisions after this date will be accepted only under extraordinary circumstances. Papers submitted after the due date are in danger of being rejected for publication and presentation.

  4. Registration and A/V for Your Talk

    Please register early for the conference. Please note: One author per paper will receive a registration discount of $200. USENIX will offer a complimentary registration upon request. Authors who are full-time students are welcome to apply for a stipend to cover more costs, including travel and lodging; please see for more information about the student stipend program.

    The conference paper presentation rooms will be provided with the following equipment:

    • 1 overhead projector
    • 1 LCD projector
    • 1 screen
    • 1 wired Lavalier microphone
    • cables and extension cords

    Please note: laptops are not provided.

  5. Consent-to-Publish Form

    By September 7, 2004, the USENIX office must have received the signature of each author of the paper on USENIX consent-to-publish forms.

    Note: The essential point is to collect the signatures of all authors. It is immaterial whether the signatures reside on a single form or on separate forms.

    Please mail or fax your completed and signed consent-to-publish form to:

    Alex Walker, Project Manager
    USENIX Association
    2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    Fax: 510 548-5738

?Need help? Use our Contacts page.

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