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LISA '04 Call for Papers
November 14-19, 2004, Atlanta, Georgia


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An invited talk discusses a topic of general interest to attendees. Unlike a refereed paper, this topic need not be new or unique but should be timely and relevant or perhaps entertaining. An ideal invited talk is approachable, and possibly controversial. The material should be understandable by beginners, but the conclusions may be disagreed with by experts. Invited talks are 80 minutes long and are expected to be high-caliber presentations.

A special form of invited talk is a panel discussion, in which several acknowledged experts discuss some aspect of the practice.

Proposals for invited talks and panel discussions can take either of two forms. First, you can propose a topic about which you would feel comfortable giving an invited talk. This should be accompanied by an abstract describing the content of the talk. Similarly, you can propose a panel discussion topic. It is most helpful to us if you suggest potential panelists.

Alternatively, you can propose an invited talk you would like to hear someone else present. Suggestions for possible speakers are helpful in this case.

Past invited talks have addressed a wide variety of topics:

  • Cryptography and security hot topics
  • Emergent trends in the profession
  • Legal issues and developments affecting system administrators
  • Myths and realities of the profession
  • Overviews of new technologies and/or languages
  • Personal experiences (case studies) with broad appeal/applicability to the system administration community.
Participants in panel discussions give opinions on issues of the day, possibly with audience participation. Some past panels have addressed questions such as:
  • The best scripting language for system administration
  • The future of computer security
  • What computer buzzwords really mean
  • The problems that plague University environments
  • Whether certification should be a job requirement
If you have a topic of interest to system administrators that is suitable for an invited talk or panel discussion please submit a proposal to the invited talk coordinators. Proposals of a business development or marketing nature are not appropriate.

Please email your proposal to

Invited talk proposals are due April 20, 2004.

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