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LISA '03 - Invited Talk

Coping with the Disappearance of Network Boundaries

Peyton Engel, Berbee

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Table of Contents

  1. Coping with the Disappearance of Network Boundaries
  2. Agenda
  3. Why I'm (un)Qualified to Talk
  4. The Network Perimeter
  5. Attacks on Switches
  6. Where Does Our Stuff End?
  7. VPNs and Extruded Networks
  8. Now Let's Add WLANs In...
  9. Now Let's Add WLANs In...
  10. Now Let's Add WLANs In...
  11. Client-Server Interaction
  12. Side 1: The Server
  13. Side 1: The Server—Traditional Roles
  14. Side 2: The Client
  15. Side 2: The Client—Traditional Roles
  16. Client-Server Interaction: We Think in Terms of Isolation
  17. But really, it's not like that...
  18. Use an App to Attack Users
  19. HTML e-mail
  20. What do we get?
  21. "Infrastructure" vs. "Code"
  22. Multi-layer problems…
  23. The Big Picture
  24. Challenges to Security Efforts
  25. Security Strategies: How Can We Succeed?
  26. Inverted Security and ROI
  27. Architectural Concerns
  28. Other examples of Pulling Security Inwards
  29. The Ideal Situation
  30. Why might this work?
  31. Conclusions
  32. Questions?
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