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LISA '02, 16th Systems Administration Conference, November 3-8, 2002, Philadelphia Marriott, Philadelphia, PA
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LISA '02 Vendor

Aptitune Corporation

Aptitune Corporation is the manufacturer of SarCheck. SarCheck takes UNIX performance tuning beyond the others. Instead of just re-reporting system data and statistics, SarCheck analyzes sar report information and ps elf output. It also examines the system's tunable parameters and their interaction with each other. Then in a concise, plain English report, SarCheck identifies problem areas and makes recommendations toward corrections. The latest feature in SarCheck is its graphing capabilities. SarCheck now uses gnuplot to create JPEG or PNG graphs on the fly and inserts them into its HTML output. We're the folks with the propeller hats! — come by and get one while they last.

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