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LISA '02
A Note to Managers of System Administrators

Build your IT infrastructure by sending your employees to LISA:

  • Train them in cutting-edge technologies, via tutorials taught by master practitioners, including many software and book authors.
  • Give them personal access to experts in all disciplines of system and network administration, via "Guru Is In" and "Birds of a Feather" sessions.
  • Expose them to the pressing issues of the day via "Invited Talks" and to the state of the art via "Refereed Papers".

The bottom line

Every year, LISA attendees come away from the conference able to make more informed choices and respond to the pressing challenges of the immediate future and beyond. This results in:

  • Better administrative practice within your organization.
  • Quicker response to new challenges.
  • Improved administrative efficiency.
  • Lower administrative costs.

Send your employees to LISA and reap the benefits immediately!

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LISA '02