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Java [TM] VM '02, 2nd Java Virtual Machine Research and Technology Symposium, August 1-2, 2002, San Francisco Marriott, San Francisco, California, USA
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Work-in-Progress Reports (WiPs) List of Presentations

Short, pithy, and fun, Work-in-Progress reports introduce interesting new or ongoing work, and the JVM audience provides valuable discussion and feedback.

If you are interested in presenting your Work-in-Progress, please see the WiP Call for Papers.

  • "Java Profiling for Embedded Java Applications," Gilbert Cabillic, Jean-Philippe Lesot, and Michel Banatre, INRIA RENNES (IRISA), France
  • "Self Tuning JVM to Improve Application Performance and Scalability," Nagendra Nagarajayya, Alka Gupta, S.R. Venkatramanan, and Mayank Srivastava, SUN Microsystems.
  • "A Profiler and Compiler for the Wonka Virtual Machine," Dries Buytaert, Frans Arickx, and Johan Vos Acunia, Belgium.
  • "SAP VM Container: Using Process Attachable Virtual Machines to Provide Isolation and Scalability for Large Servers," Norbert Kuck, Harald Kuck, Edgar Lott, Christoph Rohland, and Oliver Schmidt, SAP AG, Germany.
  • "A Framework for Integrating the Real-Time Specification for Java and Java's Remote Method Invocation," Andy Wellings, University of York, Ray Clark, The Mitre Corp., Doug Jensen, The Mitre Corp., and Doug Wells, The Open Group.
  • "The Effect of Types on Spill Code in an Annotation-aware JVM," Joel Jones, University of Alabama.
  • "A Threaded Code Interpreter for Rotor, Microsoft's Shared Source Implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)," Yahya Mirza, Aurora Borealis Software

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