Virtual Machines, Real Time


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Virtual Machines, Real Time

The State of the Embedded Systems Industry

Software Complexity

Impending Collision

What is Causing the Merge

Historical Function Implementation

Function Migration to Software

Function Migration in Smaller Devices

Software Growth

Case Example: JPL’s Mission Data System

System Interaction: Real-Time Defined

Limited Interaction Between Systems

Case Example

Case Example

Real-Time _ Real-Fast

Increased Customer Demands

Learning from the Past

Software Crises?

Java Language Advantages

From Applications to System Software

Barriers to Using Java for Embedded System-Software

Application Level Unpredictability

Unpredictability in Hardware

Intel x86 Context Switch Latencies, msec

Unpredictability in JVMs

aJile’s Approach for Real-Time Embedded JVM Execution

aJile’s Approach (cont’d.)

aJile’s Approach (cont’d.)

aJile JEMCoreTM Block Diagram

aJile aJ-100TM Block Diagram

aJ-100 chip implementation

Dual-Thread Benchmarks

The Real-Time Specification for Java

JSR-01 Progress

Guiding Principles


Memory Management

Memory Management

Asynchronous Support

Keyboard Playing Robots



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