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10.1 The Core part

To access methods in the Core code from Baseline these methods have to be marked as Core-Baseline methods with the keyword baseline2, for example (CoreTask is the Core thread class):

public class Controller extends CoreTask {
        public void baseline setSpeed(...)
        public void baseline getSpeed()
By now only the methods which may be accessed by Baseline Code are marked.

Objects instantiated in the Core part can be published to Baseline with a string name:

MyCoreObject co = 
       new  MyCoreObject();
    publish("myObject01", co);
Objects are published by sending the name, the type and a unique object ID via FIFO to the Baseline JVM (described below). To receive method calls from Baseline a loop is listening at another FIFO for commands (CoreListener).

Urs Gleim 2002-05-29