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INM/WREN '10 will be co-located with NSDI '10.

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INM/WREN '10 Call for Papers

2010 Internet Network Management Workshop/
Workshop on Research on Enterprise Networking
(INM/WREN '10)

April 27, 2010
San Jose, CA

Sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association

INM/WREN '10 will be co-located with the 7th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI '10), which will take place April 28–30, 2010.

Workshop Program

The workshop program is now available online. Register today!

Important Dates

  • Paper registration due: February 12, 2010, 11:59 p.m. PST  Deadline Extended!
  • Paper submissions due: February 19, 2010, 11:59 p.m. PST
  • Notification of acceptance: March 22, 2010
  • Final papers due: April 6, 2010

Workshop Organizers

Program Chairs
Aditya Akella, University of Wisconsin—Madison
Nick Feamster, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sanjay Rao, Purdue University

Program Committee
Ehab Al-Shaer, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Hitesh Ballani, Microsoft Research
Ranjita Bhagwan, Microsoft Research, Bangalore
Olivier Bonaventure, UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Randy Bush, Internet Initiative Japan
Ken Calvert, University of Kentucky
Martin Casado, Nicira
Russ Clark, Georgia Institute of Technology
Anja Feldmann, Deutsche Telekom
Geoff Huston, APNIC
Gianluca Iannaccone, Intel Research
Farnam Jahanian, University of Michigan
Srikanth Kandula, Microsoft Research
Sachin Katti, Stanford University
Ramana Kompella, Purdue University
Andrew Moore, University of Cambridge
Richard Mortier, Vipadia
Sanjai Narain, Telecordia
Eugene Ng, Rice University
Jeffrey Pang, AT&T Labs—Research
Guru Parulkar, Stanford University
Vern Paxson, University of California, Berkeley/ICSI
Anees Shaikh, IBM Research
Rob Sherwood, Deutsche Telekom, USA
Nina Taft, Intel Research
Kobus van der Merwe, AT&T Research
David Ward, Cisco
Praveen Yalagandula, HP Labs

Steering Committee
Ehab Al-Shaer, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Albert Greenberg, Microsoft Research
Chuck Kalmanek, AT&T Labs—Research
David Maltz, Microsoft Research
Jeff Mogul, HP Labs
Tze Sing Eugene Ng, Rice University
Geoffrey Xie, Naval Postgraduate School

USENIX Board Liaison
Alva Couch, Tufts University


The joint INM/WREN workshop seeks to bring together researchers in two closely related communities: network management and enterprise networks. There are several synergies between the two communities, and this workshop provides a common forum for researchers working in this space.

On the one hand, management of communications networks is an important and under-studied aspect of computer networking. Network management problems call for principled (including clean-slate) approaches that will improve network management and perhaps even make manageability an intrinsic property of the network itself.

On the other hand, the increasing complexity of private enterprise networks and datacenter networks, and nuances specific to them, calls for approaches that are optimized for these settings. While managing enterprise networks is particularly vexing and costly for network operators, several other challenges related to enterprises must be addressed: for example, security, management of end-host software and applications, end-to-end performance and availability, data management, and storage.

The INM/WREN workshop invites papers that identify new problem areas, present new system designs and end-host/network architectures, and offer new methods and measurement insights pertaining to network management and enterprise networks. We welcome papers that use data and measurements in a bottom-up fashion to gain insight into the issues of network management or that use that data to motivate top-down rethinking of network systems and architectures. We strongly encourage the submission of papers describing systems and middleware that solve fundamental issues in network management and enterprise networks. We explicitly solicit papers on new designs for enterprise networks, including security issues and data-center network designs.

As this is a workshop, complete implementation and results are not required, but clear statements of the problem and of the approach are.


Topics of interest include but are not restricted to:

  • Comparisons of management for public and enterprise networks
  • Enterprise network design and management
  • Fault and performance management, diagnosis, and troubleshooting
  • New abstractions for network configuration management
  • New control-plane architectures and data-plane mechanisms
  • Workload characterization for enterprise networks
  • Measurements and insights from network operations
  • Hitless planned maintenance
  • Data-center network design and measurement
  • Mobile and wireless communications and mobility management in enterprises
  • Open router platforms: design and applications
  • End-to-end QoS and performance management for enterprise networks
  • Emerging security threats in enterprises and solutions
  • System design issues, including operating system support for enterprise-specific applications, enterprise middleware, etc.
  • Managing energy consumption in networks
  • Convergence between IP networks and SAN/cluster networks
  • Topology and node (switch + endpoint) discovery
  • Experience with prototype systems for network management
  • Metrics, techniques, and experiments for evaluating network management architectures
  • Experimental platforms that support network management research
Please contact the program chairs if you have questions about the relevance of your topic.


Submitted papers must be no longer than six 8.5" x 11" pages. Your paper should be typeset in two-column format in 10 point type on 12 point (single-spaced) leading, with a text block no more than 6.5" wide by 9" deep. Submissions are single-blind; authors should include their names and affiliations as part of their submissions. Papers violating these format rules run the risk of being rejected without further review; no extensions will be granted for reformatting. Submissions must be in PDF format and must be submitted via the Web submission form. Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, interest, clarity, relevance, and correctness.

All papers will be available online to registered attendees before the workshop. If your accepted paper should not be published prior to the event, please notify The papers will be available online to everyone beginning on the day of the workshop, April 27, 2010.

Papers accompanied by nondisclosure agreement forms will not be considered. Accepted submissions will be treated as confidential prior to publication on the USENIX INM/WREN '10 Web site; rejected submissions will be permanently treated as confidential.

Simultaneous submission of the same work to multiple venues, submission of previously published work, or plagiarism constitutes dishonesty or fraud. USENIX, like other scientific and technical conferences and journals, prohibits these practices and may take action against authors who have committed them. See the USENIX Conference Submissions Policy for details. Questions? Contact your program chairs,, or the USENIX office,

Past Workshops

This is the fourth INM workshop and the second WREN workshop. The previous INM workshops have been held in conjunction with ACM SIGCOMM (2006 and 2007) and with IEEE ICNP (2008). The previous WREN workshop was held in conjunction with ACM SIGCOMM (2009). For ease of reference, here are links to past years' workshops:

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