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IMC '05, 2005 Internet Measurement Conference — Abstract

Pp. 187–192 of the Proceedings

Exploiting Internet Route Sharing for Large Scale Available Bandwidth Estimation

Ningning Hu and Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon University


Recent progress in active measurement techniques has made it possible to estimate end-to-end path available bandwidth. However, how to efficiently obtain available bandwidth information for the N2 paths in a large N-node system remains an open problem. While researchers have developed coordinate-based models that allow any node to quickly and accurately estimate latency in a scalable fashion, no such models exist for available bandwidth. In this paper we introduce BRoute - a scalable available bandwidth estimation system that is based on a route sharing model. The characteristics of BRoute are that its overhead is linear with the number of end nodes in the system, and that it requires only limited cooperation among end nodes. BRoute leverages the fact that most Internet bottlenecks are on path edges, and that edges are shared by many different paths. It uses AS-level source and sink trees to characterize and infer path-edge sharing in a scalable fashion. In this paper, we describe the BRoute architecture and evaluate the performance of its components. Initial experiments show that BRoute can infer path edges with an accuracy of over 80%. In a small case study on Planetlab, 80% of the available bandwidth estimates obtained from BRoute are accurate within 50%.
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