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USENIX Statement on Environmental Responsibility

USENIX continually seeks additional ways to enhance its environmental responsibility. Below are some of the steps we've taken. We welcome additional suggestions from you, our membership.

These days, we publish event proceedings online for attendees before the event and make the files world-accessible from the opening day of the event. We are working to reduce our offerings of pre-printed proceedings; those we do print use recycled paper.

At our events, we offer both proceedings and training materials on reusable flash drives instead of throwaway CD-ROMs or paper, and we give our attendees reusable cloth bags made from recycled materials instead of the usual plastic. None of our conference materials come in plastic packaging. Our signs are mounted on biodegradable and/or recycled foamcore. Our conference directories are printed on recycled paper. We choose hotels that have a "green policy," and we work with them to further minimize negative impact on the environment.

For our informational contacts with you, we focus on Web and email to minimize our printed and mailed materials. Those materials we do mail use recycled paper. Instead of mailing membership materials, we leave it up to members whether to print their membership cards from the online file.

In the office, we've virtualized both servers and workstations, automated shutdown of our desktops, and chosen new equipment with an eye to reducing power consumption and heat generation. Computer equipment has a replacement schedule longer than five years and is donated to the Alameda Computer Recycling Center at the end of its life. We're also moving services from our office machine room to efficient datacenters and service providers.

Click here to return to the previous page Finally, the USENIX Reserve Fund invests globally in the bluest of blue chip companies, and these U.S. companies cannot derive revenue from energy, alcohol, or tobacco products.

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