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5th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies Abstract

Pp. 93106 of the Proceedings

Design and Implementation of Verifiable Audit Trails for a Versioning File System

Zachary N.J. Peterson, Randal Burns, Giuseppe Ateniese, and Stephen Bono, Johns Hopkins University


We present constructs that create, manage, and verify digital audit trails for versioning file systems. Based upon a small amount of data published to a third party, a file system commits to a version history. At a later date, an auditor uses the published data to verify the contents of the file system at any point in time. Digital audit trails create an analog of the paper audit process for file data, helping to meet the requirements of electronic records legislation. Our techniques address the I/O and computational efficiency of generating and verifying audit trails, the aggregation of audit information in directory hierarchies, and independence to file system architectures.
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