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5th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies Ė Abstract

Pp. 123Ė138 of the Proceedings

Jumbo Store: Providing Efficient Incremental Upload and Versioning for a Utility Rendering Service

Kave Eshghi, Mark Lillibridge, Lawrence Wilcock, Guillaume Belrose, and Rycharde Hawkes, HP Laboratories


We have developed a new storage system called the Jumbo Store (JS) based on encoding directory tree snapshots as graphs called HDAGs whose nodes are small variable-length chunks of data and whose edges are hash pointers. We store or transmit each node only once and encode using landmark-based chunking plus some new tricks. This leads to very efficient incremental upload and storage of successive snapshots: we report compression factors over 16x for real data; a comparison shows that our incremental upload sends only 1/5 as much data as Rsync.

To demonstrate the utility of the Jumbo Store, we have integrated it into HP Labsí prototype Utility Rendering Service (URS), which accepts rendering data in the form of directory tree snapshots from small teams of animators, renders one or more requested frames using a processor farm, and then makes the rendered frames available for download. Efficient incremental upload is crucial to the URSís usability and responsiveness because of the teamsí slow Internet connections. We report on the JSís performance during a major field test of the URS where the URS was offered to 11 groups of animators for 10 months during an animation showcase to create high-quality short animations.

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