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4th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies—Abstract

Pp. 101–114 of the Proceedings

DULO: An Effective Buffer Cache Management Scheme to Exploit Both Temporal and Spatial Locality

Song Jiang, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Xiaoning Ding, Feng Chen, Enhua Tan and Xiaodong Zhang, Ohio State University


Sequentiality of requested blocks on disk, or their locality, is critical to the performance of disks, where the throughput of accesses to sequentially placed disk blocks can be an order of magnitude higher than that of accesses to randomly placed blocks. Unfortunately, spatial locality of cached blocks is largely ignored and only temporal locality is considered in system buffer cache management. Thus, disk performance for workloads without dominant sequential accesses can be seriously degraded. To address this problem, we propose a scheme called DULO (DUal LOcality), which exploits both temporal and spatial locality in buffer cache management. Leveraging the filtering effect of the buffer cache, DULO can influence the I/O request stream by making the requests passed to disk more sequential, significantly increasing the effectiveness of I/O scheduling and prefetching for disk performance improvements.

DULO has been extensively evaluated by both tracedriven simulations and a prototype implementation in Linux 2.6.11. In the simulations and system measurements, various application workloads have been tested, including Web Server, TPC benchmarks, and scientific programs. Our experiments showthat DULO can significantly increase system throughput and reduce program execution times.

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