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FAST '03 Special Invited Session

Storage on the Lunatic Fringe

Tom Ruwart, I/O Performance Inc

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Table of Contents

  1. Storage on the Lunatic Fringe
  2. Luncatic Images
  3. Orientation
  4. Who are the Lunatics?
  5. A bit of History
  6. DoE ASCI History
  7. DoE ASCI Purple Requirements
  8. HEP — Fermilab and CMS
  9. LHC Data Grid Hierarchy
  11. DoD NSA
  12. DoD MSRC
  13. History has shown…
  14. Who said that?
  15. Who would say this?
  16. Continual Migration of Intelligence
  17. Looking Forward
  18. What happens when…
  19. Common thread
  20. Conclusions
  21. References
  22. Contact Info
  23. How does SNIA make a difference?

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