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CARDIS '02, Fifth Smart Card Research and Advanced Application Conference, November 20-22, 2002, Hyatt Ste. Claire, San Jose, California
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Thursday, November 21, 2002
9:00 am—9:30 am
Opening Remarks, Best Paper Awards

Welcome to CARDIS 02
Peter Honeyman, Vice-chair, IFIP WG 8.8 and Program Chair

The State of WG 8.8
Pieter Hartel, Chair, IFIP WG 8.8

Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Vice-chair, IFIP WG 8.8

9:30 am—10:30 am
Keynote Address

From the Smart Card to the Smart Assistant
Vincent Cordonnier, LIFL

Since the first smart card prototype emerged, we have seen three generations of cards appear, each providing increasingly sophisticated and powerful features. Development of the next generation will be driven by a few demands:

  • The ability to take advantage of new hardware and software technologies
  • The flexibility to conform to changing environments
  • Provision of extended security
  • Complementarity with other mobile devices
  • Satisfaction of requirements from emerging markets
  • The capability of importing new concepts from any IT context

From an examination of these points it becomes obvious that smart cards will remain a useful technology for many mass applications, but they must increase their capacity to offer new services and facilities in a rapidly changing environment.

10:30 am—11:00 am   Break
11:00 am—12:00 pm
Digital Signatures

Implementing Group Signature Schemes with Smart Cards
Sébastien Canard and Marc Girault, France Telecom

Smart Cards in Interaction: Towards Trustworthy Digital Signatures
Roger Kilian-Kehr and Joachim Posegga, SAP AG Corporate Research

12:00 pm—2:00 pm   Lunch (on your own)
2:00 pm—3:30 pm
Secure Systems

Security Analysis of Smartcard to Card Reader Communications for Biometric Cardholder Authentication
Luciano Rila and Chris J. Mitchell, University of London

Secure Method Invocation in JASON
Richard Brinkman, University of Twente, and Jaap-Henk Hoepman, University of Nijmegen

Provably Secure Chipcard Personalization, or, How to Fool Malicious Insiders
Helena Handschuh, David Naccache, Pascal Paillier, and Christophe Tymen, Gemplus Card International

3:30 pm—4:00 pm   Break
4:00 pm—5:30 pm
Work in Progress and Other Outrageous Opinions
Session Chair: Peter Honeyman, Vice-chair, IFIP WG 8.8 and Program Chair

Short, pithy, and fun, Work-in-Progress Reports introduce interesting new or ongoing work, and the USENIX audience provides valuable discussion and feedback.

If you have work you would like to share or a cool idea that's not quite ready for publication, send a one- or two-paragraph summary to We are particularly interested in presenting students' work. A schedule of presentations will be posted at the conference, and the speakers will be notified in advance. Work-in-Progress reports are five-minute presentations; the time limit will be strictly enforced.

View the current list of Work-in-Progress Reports

6:00 pm—7:30 pm   Conference Reception
8:00 pm—10:00 pm
RESET Meeting
Pieter Hartel, Chair, IFIP WG 8.8

The RESET project aims at elaborating a road map for smart card R&D that is relevant for the orientation of European Commission work programmes in the years 2003 to 2010. RESET will create a common view of the main areas for R&D required to address key security challenges corresponding to forthcoming information society needs through a collaboration of major stakeholders in industry (suppliers and users) and research in Europe. The specific purpose of the RESET meeting at CARDIS is to obtain views and feedback on the future of smart card R&D from an International audience. For further details, please visit

Friday, November 22, 2002
9:00 am—10:30 am
Panel Session
Session Chair: Boris Balacheff, Hewlett Packard Labs, Bristol

Trusted Computing: Who's in Control?

10:30 am—11:00 am   Break
11:00 am—12:30 pm
Side-channel Attacks

Automatic Code Recognition for Smartcards Using a Kohonen Neural Network
Jean-Jacques Quisquater and David Samyde, Université catholique de Louvain

Breaking the Liardet-Smart Randomized Exponentiation Algorithm
Colin D. Walter, Comodo Research Laboratory

A Protected Division Algorithm
Marc Joye and Karine Villegas, Gemplus Card International

12:30 pm—2:00 pm   Conference Luncheon
2:00 pm—3:30 pm
Formal Methods

A Java Reference Model of Transacted Memory for Smart Cards
Erik Poll, University of Nijmegen; Pieter Hartel, University of Twente; and Eduard de Jong, Sun Microsystems

Model Checking of Multi-Applet JavaCard Applications
Gennady Chugunov and Lars-Åke Fredlund, SICS; and Dilian Gurov, KTH

Secure Object Flow Analysis for Java Card
Marc Eluard and Thomas Jensen, IRISA

3:30 pm—4:00 pm   Break
4:00 pm—5:30 pm
Applications of Tamper-Resistant Hardware

Extending Tamper-Proof Hardware Security to Untrusted Execution Environments
Sergio Loureiro, Laurent Bussard, and Yves Roudier, Institut Eurecom

MICROCAST: Smart Card Based (Micro)Pay-per-View for Multicast Services
Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Antoni Martínez-Ballesté, and Francesc Sebé, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

On the Implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard on a Public-key Crypto-Coprocessor
Antonio Valverde Garcia and Jean-Pierre Seifert, Infineon Technologies AG

5:30 pm
Closing Session
Session Chair: Peter Honeyman, Vice-chair, IFIP WG 8.8 and Program Chair

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