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5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference
5-10 November 2001, Oakland, California, USA

Please return this form with your camera-ready paper to:
Becca Sibrack, Production Editor
USENIX Association
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
Berkeley, CA 94710
Tel: (510) 528-8649
Fax: (510) 548-5738

Contact Information

Please provide contact information for at least one author who will be in town the week of the deadline for paper submission and will be able to address problems with the physical paper submission:
Name______________________________    ______________________________
Address______________________________    ______________________________
 ______________________________    ______________________________
 ______________________________    ______________________________
 ______________________________    ______________________________
Phone______________________________    ______________________________
Fax______________________________    ______________________________
Email______________________________    ______________________________

Name of person who will be giving the presentation:



The formatting instructions have been condensed into this convenient checklist. Verify each one against your final copy and check it off. If an assistant is doing your printing or your mailing for you, please give that person a copy of this checklist.

[__]2-column format[__]single spaced text
[__]NO running headers or footers[__]NO page numbers
[__]no dedicated title page[__]title: 14 point bold
[__]author name: 12 point roman[__]author affiliation: 12 point italic
[__]text: 10 point[__]gutter between columns: .25 inch
[__]left margin: 1 inch[__]right margin: 1 inch
[__]top and bottom margins: 1 inch[__]margins the same on all pages (actually look, don't assume)
[__]printing OK on all pages (again, please look)[__]maximum 12 pages
[__] US letter format (8.5 X 11 inches)

Online Versions

[__]send HTML and PDF or PostScript versions to


[__]2 originals to send
[__]enclose consent form(s) with each author's signature
[__]no staples
[__]no paper clips
[__]correctly sized envelope

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