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ConfiDNS: Leveraging Scale and History to Improve DNS Security

Lindsey Poole and Vivek S. Pai
Princeton University


While cooperative DNS resolver systems, such as CoDNS, have demonstrated improved reliability and performance over standard approaches, their security has been weaker, since any corruption or misbehavior of a single resolver can easily propagate throughout the system. We address this weakness in a new system called ConfiDNS, which augments the cooperative lookup process with configurable policies that utilize multi-site agreement and per-site lookup histories. Not only does ConfiDNS provide better security than cooperative approaches, but for up to 99.8% of unique lookups, ConfiDNS exceeds the security of standard DNS resolvers. ConfiDNS provides these benefits while retaining the other benefits of CoDNS, such as incremental deployability, improved performance, and higher reliability.

L. Poole