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NSDI '06 — Abstract

Pp. 29–44 of the Proceedings

Scale and Performance in the CoBlitz Large-File Distribution Service

KyoungSoo Park and Vivek S. Pai, Princeton University


Scalable distribution of large files has been the area of much research and commercial interest in the past few years. In this paper, we describe the CoBlitz system, which efficiently distributes large files using a content distribution network (CDN) designed for HTTP. As a result, CoBlitz is able to serve large files without requiring any modifications to standard Web servers and clients, making it an interesting option both for end users as well as infrastructure services. Over the 18 months that CoBlitz and its partner service, CoDeploy, have been running on PlanetLab, we have had the opportunity to observe its algorithms in practice, and to evolve its design. These changes stem not only from observations on its use, but also from a better understanding of their behavior in real-world conditions. This utilitarian approach has led us to better understand the effects of scale, peering policies, replication behavior, and congestion, giving us new insights into how to better improve their performance. With these changes, CoBlitz is able to deliver in excess of 1 Gbps on PlanetLab, and to outperform a range of systems, including research systems as well as the widely-used BitTorrent.
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