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USENIX - Technical Program

3rd USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce, 1998
August 31 - September 3, 1998
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Presentations on Public Key Infrastructure

Building an Environment of Trust:
Certification Authority (CA) Interorperability
Juan Rodriguez-Torrent, IBM Corporation

Trust Models
Paul Van Oorschot, Entrust Technologies

Electronic Commerce Needs No PKI
Win Treese, Open Market, Inc.

Towards an Infrastructure for Authorization (Position Paper)
Joan Feigenbaum, AT&T Labs - Research

Risk and Trust Management Techniques for an "Open but Bounded" Public Key Infrastructure
Daniel J. Greenwood, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
   Information Technology Division

Name-Centric vs. Key-Centric PKI
Key-Centric Presenters: Carl Ellison, CyberCash Inc., and
   Perry Metzger, Piermont Information Systems Inc.
Name-Centric Presenters: Warwick Ford, Verisign Inc., and
   Steve Kent, CyberTrust Solutions, GTE
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