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Abstracts - 3rd USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce

SWAPEROO: A Simple Wallet Architecture for Payments, Exchanges, Refunds, and Other Operations

Neil Daswani, Dan Boneh, Hector Garcia-Molina,
Steven Ketchpel, and Andreas Paepcke
Stanford University


Most existing digital wallet implementations support a single or a limited set of proprietary financial instruments and protocols for electronic commerce transactions, preventing a user from having one consolidated digital wallet to manage all of his or her financial instruments. Commercial efforts to implement extensible digital wallets that are capable of inter-operating with multiple instruments and protocols are a step in the right direction, but these wallets have other limitations. In this paper, we propose a new digital wallet architecture that is extensible (can support multiple existing and newly developed instruments and protocols), symmetric (has common instrument management and protocol management interfaces across end-user, vendor, and bank applications), non-web-centric (can be implemented in non-web environments), and client-driven (the user initiates all operations, including wallet invocation).
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