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BSDCon '03 — Abstract

Pp. 69-78 of the Proceedings

Cryptographic Device Support for FreeBSD

Samuel J. Leffler, Errno Consulting


FreeBSD recently adopted the OpenBSD Cryptographic Framework [Keromytis et al, 2003]. In doing so it was necessary to convert the core framework to function correctly in a fully-preemptive/multiprocessor operating system environment. In addition several issues with the basic design were found to cause significant performance loss. After addressing these issues we found that FreeBSD outperformed OpenBSD on identical hardware by as much as 100% in tests that exercise only the cryptographic framework. These optimizations result in similar performance improvements for facilities like IPsec that make heavy use of the cryptographic framework. We observed that FreeBSD's Fast IPsec [Leffler, 2003] typically outperforms OpenBSD's IPsec implementation [Miltchev et al, 2002] by more than 50% on identical hardware.

We conclude that the OCF cryptographic API can be optimized and re-tuned to deliver substantially better performance than the original OCF implementation with large gains in both throughput and latency. Moreover these changes can be made with no impact on clients of the cryptographic framework: both user and kernel sofware designed for the original OCF is easily ported to the FreeBSD implementation of OCF.

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