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The OpenAFS Fund  
USENIX announces the formation of the OpenAFS Fund, a financial means of supporting The OpenAFS Project.

OpenAFS is a free, secure, scalable, distributed filesystem used by large corporations and small companies alike. Originally created as a research project by IBM and Carnegie Mellon University in the early 1980s, then becoming a licensed product of IBM/Transarc Labs, the software was open sourced by IBM in October 2000 and has seen much growth and development since then.

Why Donate to OpenAFS?

The OpenAFS project suffers from the classic Open Source problem: more requests than people can find time to work on.

Few contributors to OpenAFS are currently paid for their time, and those who are, are funded by their employers (to whom OpenAFS is eternally grateful). Frequently contributors' work is driven by critical bugs and site-specific problems. Work on new development, non-critical bugs, code audits, performance enhancements, and documentation is accomplished volunteers in their spare time.

Financial support of OpenAFS will enable the project to hire:

  • Developers for frequently requested features such as confidential communication, disconnected operations, long volume names, enhancements for Microsoft Windows, optimization for laptops, better administration software, and other items
  • Technical writers to create, update, and otherwise maintain documentation
  • Product managers to manage code contributions, perform code audits, plan longterm roadmaps, and provide support to the OpenAFS community
Financial support can also be used to purchase equipment and services necessary for carrying out the mission, which includes software subscriptions, licensing fees, certifications, and operating systems, among others.

Contributions will be allocated to projects under the direction of the OpenAFS Elders, the advisory board that guides the future development of OpenAFS.

How Do I Donate to OpenAFS?

USENIX is accepting donations on behalf of The OpenAFS Project through the OpenAFS Fund. Donations can be made by sending a check, drawn on a U.S. bank, made out to the USENIX Association, to:

OpenAFS Fund
USENIX Association
2560 Ninth St., Suite 215
Berkeley, CA 94710

Your contribution may be tax-deductible as allowed by law under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). Check with your tax advisor to determine whether your contribution is fully or partially tax-deductible.

You can also purchase OpenAFS shirts and other items through CafePress. All proceeds from the purchase of these items go to the OpenAFS Fund.

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Last changed: 2 Nov. 2005 jel
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