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July 27, 2004

13th Annual USENIX Security Symposium: Practicing Effective Security Today—and Tomorrow

SAN DIEGO — Are our elections secure? Can we trust our insurance companies' Web sites to secure our medical information? Find out the answers in a session that explores the impact of recent legislation on the security research community at the 13th Annual USENIX Security Symposium, August 9–13, in San Diego.

Presented by security experts from industry and academia, the annual USENIX Security Symposium covers the range of computer security issues including new ideas for protecting software, new architectures for containing attacks, and dealing with malicious cryptography. An in-depth training program, 22 refereed papers offering the best new research, and thought-provoking invited talks provide the information, techniques, tools, and strategies for practicing effective security today—and tomorrow.

Keynote speaker William "Earl" Boebert, Sandia National Laboratories, discusses how far we've gone—and how little we've actually progressed since the early days of Multics. He'll discuss the approaches that hold promise and those that should not be attempted again.

With elections around the corner, Cindy Cohn, Legal Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation, lays out the legal landscape and discusses the legal barriers that are increasingly making it difficult to insure that our vital systems are secure in "I Voted? How the Law Increasingly Restricts Independent Security Research."

In "Fighting Computer Virus Attacks," Peter Szor, Chief Researcher, Symantec Corporation, discusses the state-of-the-art in computer virus defense and offers promising host-based prevention techniques that can stop entire classes of fast-spreading worms. Dan Geer, Verdasys, explores the daily challenge of choosing between default deny (safety) and default permit (freedom) in, "Metrics, Economics, and Shared Risk at the National Scale." Patrick McDaniel, AT&T Research, moderates a panel that explores the complexities and dangers of patch management in current network environments.

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13th Annual USENIX Security Symposium
August 9–13, 2004
Town & Country Resort and Convention Center
San Diego, CA

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