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October 26, 2004

CNN Keynotes USENIX 18th Large Installation System Administration Conference

Atlanta — Instead of reporting the news, CNN is the news in "Going Digital at CNN," the keynote address at the18th Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA '04), November 14-19, in Atlanta.

LISA '04, sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association, and SAGE, the System Administrators Guild, offers system and network administrators more than 50 tutorials over six days and three days of technical sessions that include refereed papers, informative panels and invited talks, as well as expert guru sessions.

Leading an impressive slate of presenters, keynote speaker Howard Ginsberg, Senior Technology Implementation Manager for CNN Technology, will discuss the advantages of bringing digital video to the production process and the challenges of replacing most of the videotape-based operations with server-based video storage.

A session on used disk drives offers an eye-opening analysis of a treasure trove of confidential personal and business information found on 200 used disk drives using a simple UNIX-based system. The session also highlights what tools to use to properly sanitize media. A talk on lessons learned from Howard Dean's digital campaign explores how the use of Web technology helped break all fundraising records and invigorated a volunteer base.

The 2nd Annual Spam Mini-Symposium provides sessions led by spam experts from companies including Microsoft Research, Global Crossing, and Electric Cloud that present the latest research findings and counter-spam techniques. Sessions include: Filtering, Stamping, Blocking, Anti-Spoofing: How to Stop Spam; Lessons Learned Reimplementing an ISP Mail Service Infrastructure to Cope with Spam; What Spammers are Doing to Get Around Bayesian Filtering and What We can Expect for the Future.

Well-known experts lead tutorials covering today's essential topics, including time management for system administrators, Linux in product environments, advanced Perl programming, LDAP, managing Samba, and backup techniques.

Research papers showcasing the latest work on subjects including spam/email, intrusion and vulnerability detection will be presented. A vendor exhibition offers demonstrations of the newest products.

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18th Large Installation System Administration Conference
November 14–19
Atlanta Marriott Marquis

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