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USENIX Timeline
2005: 30 Years of USENIX
Industry Firsts | Internationalization | Community Service

USENIX has been a supporter of educational and community projects, donating as much as $1 million dollars per year in Good Works programs and funding university outreach efforts, student stipend programs, and research and development projects. USENIX members are active in local, national, and international efforts to increase technical knowledge, expertise, and innovation.

1987 USENIX launches UUNET project as a member service
1990 USENIX Board approves a fund of $6,000 for launching university outreach and student programs
June 1992 SAGE, the System Administrators' Guild, started in early 1992 by a group of San Francisco Bay Area sysadmins (BayLISA), becomes a Special Technical Group of USENIX
1992 The first Lifetime Achievement Award, known as the Flame award, is presented to The Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG), honoring 180 individuals
November 1994 USENIX begins its sponsorship of the USA High School Computing Olympiad
1996 USENIX expands its student programs to $250,000 per year in stipends, awards, research grants, and outreach to universities
April 1997 USENIX gives a $50,000 grant to the Internet Software Consortium for BIND
1998 USENIX sponsors the Women in Computing video
1999 USENIX and Stichting NLnet launch ReX, an international research exchange program
1999 USENIX allocates $600,000 toward student programs
2000 USENIX gives $175,000 to the Internet Software Consortium to complete the BIND9 project
2000 USENIX's Good Works Program allocated $500,000
2002 USENIX pledges $50,000 for the next 3 years to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to protect copyright and fair use rights related to Digital Millennium Copyright Act legal cases
2002–2005 USENIX funds CRA Women in Computing's Distributed Mentor Project
June 2002 USENIX joins Professor Edward Felten and his research team from Princeton and Rice University in asking a federal court to rule that they have a First Amendment right to present their research on digital music access-control technologies at the USENIX Security Symposium in August, despite threats from the recording industry (RIAA)
February 2003 USENIX pledges a $35,000 matching fund devoted to the OpenAFS Project
February 2004 USENIX sends a letter to Congress refuting the SCO Group's claim to Linux and open source software licensing

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