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2004 Election for Board of Directors


Marshall Kirk McKusick

The goal of the USENIX Association as stated in its charter is to "bring together the community of engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world."

I believe that USENIX conferences and workshops with their refereed papers and associated Proceedings are the most valuable service that USENIX provides. I am dedicated to ensuring that they continue to be the centerpiece of the organization.

I feel that it is vitally important that USENIX continue to bring the next generation of students into the organization through the continuation of its student conference travel stipend programs.

I have spent much of my career helping to create, nurture, and evolve the freely redistributable software movement. Much of the work done at the Computer Systems Research Group for the BSD releases was vetted to ensure that it could be freely redistributed. Legal battles were fought to keep the code free after it had been released under a freely-redistributable-source license. And recently, similar work has been needed to help defend the free redistribution of Linux.

I have helped raise the profile of freely redistributable software at USENIX through the FREENIX track, which has been part of the USENIX Annual Technical Conference for the past seven years. FREENIX has striven to bring together the work of the Linux community and the *BSD community, as well as the many other groups working on freely redistributable software. I have participated as a FREENIX program committee chair, panelist, and presenter.

I have also championed the USENIX sponsorship of BSDCon and the inclusion of both a Linux and a BSD track at the upcoming Annual Technical Conference in Boston at the end of June.

I have spent most of my efforts in my two years as president helping to streamline the organization and get its conferences back in the black. I am pleased to say that the organization is well on its way back to health. While it was tempting to stay on for another two-year term as president, I strongly feel that the organization is best served by a fresh and enthusiastic president every two years. However, I ask for your vote as an at-large board member so that I can help finish the changes that I have helped put in place over the past two years.

Biography: Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick writes books and articles, consults, and teaches classes on UNIX- and BSD-related subjects. While at the University of California at Berkeley, he implemented the 4.2BSD fast filesystem and was the Research Computer Scientist at the Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) overseeing the development and release of 4.3BSD and 4.4BSD. His particular areas of interest are the virtual-memory system and the filesystem. He earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and did his graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley, where he received Master's degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration and a doctoral degree in Computer Science. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the USENIX Association from 1986 to 1992 and 2000 to the present; he served as president of the USENIX Association from 1990 to 1992 and 2002 to 2004. He is also a member of ACM and IEEE.

In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, scuba diving, and wine collecting. The wine is stored in a specially constructed wine cellar (accessible from the Web at in the basement of the house that he shares with Eric Allman, his domestic partner of 25-and-some-odd years.

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