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  • Core Certification Exam (cSAGE)!
    Be the first to experience the cSAGE Core exam on Thursday, December 6th at LISA! For one day only, beta testing of the core exam of cSAGE is being offered at a significantly reduced rate. Slots may still be available. For more info, visit

  • Upcoming Conferences Co-Sponsored by SAGE
    15th Systems Administration Conference (LISA 2001)
    We hope you will join us this year in San Diego on December 2-7, 2001, for an expanded program that offers over 50 tutorials, tech sessions that include FIVE tracks of invited talks, refereed papers exploring every major operating system, a network/security track, and guru is in sessions.

  • Salary Survey
    SAGE annually conducts its System Administrator Salary survey. Results from the 2000 Salary Survey are now available.

  • SAGE/USENIX restructuring
    The SAGE Exec and USENIX board are engaged in talks about restructuring the relationship between SAGE and USENIX.

  • Certification
    Certification of system administration professionals is not only inevitable, it is a reality. Find out more about the SAGE Certification Project, and help make this the premier certification program for system administrators!

  • Mentoring Program Update
    Want to become a mentor to other system administrators? Or, do you want to be an apprentice to someone more experienced? Application forms for both are now available. Find out more about this innovative Mentoring Program.

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