Font Subsetting and Downloading in the PostScript Printer Driver of Qt/X11


This paper describes the font discovery, subset-ting, and downloading mechanism in Qt/X11. The mechanism addresses a major usability issue: prior to the implementation of this mechanism, users of Qt applications (and hence users of KDE) could not print non-Latin text, and could only print Latin text in fonts that are built into most printers. The new mechanism allows users to print text in any script that Qt/X11 supports, which includes west-ern scripts (primarily Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek), Arabic, Hebrew, and east-Asian scripts. The new mechanism also allows users to print Latin text us-ing almost any PostScript Type 1 or TrueType font that X11 supports. The mechanism usually finds font files without any configuration beyond that re-quired to use the fonts under X11.

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