Matias Bjørling

The explosive growth of data continues to grow year over year at a rate of 61% and is projected to reach 175 Zettabytes in 2025. The growth requires the industry to rethink how we store, access, and manages our data. Matias Bjørling, Ph.D., is hence on a path to shed conventional host interfaces, combine it with leading open-source ecosystems, and enable it to scale to our ever-increasing storage needs. Matias is one of the storage industry's leading storage architect and developer, widely recognized for his work on moving the industry to understand, use, and take advantage of Open-Channel SSD architectures. Matias is currently a Director of Emerging System Architectures at Western Digital, where he defines the next-generation storage interface to be adopted by more than 31% of the 38.9B total cloud market. It involves chairing the Zoned Namespaces (ZNS) SSDs technical proposal in the NVMe Working Group, engaging with internal and external adoptors, and leading a global team to enable the open-source ecosystem.