Brian Pawlowski

Brian Pawlowski is currently CTO of Drivescale Inc. where he is involved in the design of software to support cluster computing and developing a platform for composable infrastructure.

As Vice President and Chief Architect at Pure Storage, he was focused on product and architecture development, with an eye toward simplifying the user experience. Earlier, Brian was a Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NetApp for more than six years, leading the design of high performance, highly reliable storage systems. Brian led the design for NetApp's first SAN product and holds several patents related to that work. He also worked on open protocols for storage since an earlier role at Sun Microsystems, was co-author of the NFS Version 3 specification and is currently co-chair of the NFS Version 4 working group at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Brian has presented on several occasions at USENIX conferences, and previously at Vault 2015, and SANE 2004. He has presented technology and product architecture at many industry events.