scoutfs: Large Scale POSIX Archiving

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 2:20 pm2:45 pm

Zach Brown, Versity, Inc.


scoutfs is an open source clustered POSIX file system built to support archiving of very large file sets. This talk will quickly summarize the challenges faced by sites that are managing large archives. We'll then explore the technical details of the persistent structures and network protocols that allow scoutfs to efficiently update and index file system metadata concurrently across a cluster. We'll see the interfaces that scoutfs provides on top of these mechanisms which allow management software to track the life cycle of billions of archived files.

Zach Brown, Versity, Inc.

Zach Brown has been working on the Linux kernel for a while now and has most recently focused on file systems, particularly Lustre, OCFS2, and btrfs. He's also helped organize previous Linux storage workshops and has given talks at Linux conferences including OLS, LCA, and LinuxTag.

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