Digital Contact Tracing

Moderator: Srdjan ńĆapkun, ETH Zurich

Panelists: Carly Kind, Ada Lovelace Institute; Carmela Troncoso, EPFL; Ciro Cattuto, University of Torino & ISI; Moti Yung, Google; Stefano Tessaro, University of Washington


COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) resulted in many deaths and halted large parts of the world economy. Since this virus spreads between people during close contact, one of the main tools in the fight against COVID-19 outbreak has been contact tracing, whose purpose is to trace and quarantine contacts of virus-positive persons. To facilitate this process, digital contact tracing solutions were recently proposed and deployed in a number of countries. Google and Apple further implemented support for contact tracing within Android and iOS. The deployment of such large scale tracing infrastructure raises a number of security, privacy, ethical and legal issues. The panelists will address these issues and describe their experiences in building and analyzing digital contact tracing systems.

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