When Your Threat Model Is "Everything": Defensive Security in Modern Newsrooms

Erinn Clark, Lead Security Architect, First Look Media/The Intercept


Modern newsrooms face a variety of threats in a rapidly changing political and technological landscape: not only do they face the historical problem of distinguishing truth from fiction in politically charged environments, they also have to do it while confronting numerous and sometimes extreme digital security attacks and an avalanche of information which is frequently dangerous to trust. Because of the potential technical and legal dangers inherent in handling sensitive data and communicating securely with sources, training journalists in basic digital security practices is no longer enough: modern newsrooms should run like counter-intelligence agencies on a budget. In this talk I will enumerate the threats faced by journalists and how we handle them at an organizational level. It will cover everything from basic phishing education to heavily compartmented projects that never touch the internet and are only known to a few people within the organization.

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