20 Years of SRE: Highs and Lows

Monday, March 18, 2024 - 9:00 am9:25 am

Niall Murphy, Stanza Systems


SREcon is 10 years old this year. The precise starting point for SRE as a profession is a bit harder to pin down, but it's certainly considerably more than ten years ago. In this session, Niall Murphy will tell the story of SRE as he has seen it evolve, from its beginnings within Google and other early adopter organisations to its subsequent spread throughout the tech industry and beyond.

Niall Murphy, Stanza Systems

Niall is the CEO of Stanza Systems, has occupied various engineering and leadership roles in Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and is the instigator of the best-selling & prize-winning Site Reliability Engineering, which he hopes at some stage to live down. His most recent book is Reliable Machine Learning, with Todd Underwood and many others.

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