V Brennan

V Brennan is a seasoned leader with a career in infrastructure management, currently serving as the Senior Director of Infrastructure at Slack in Dublin, Ireland. In this role, she oversees global teams specialising in Traffic, Service Mesh, and Datastores. Additionally, she bears the critical responsibility of managing Slack’s incident response efforts within the region, holding the position of one of Slack’s most tenured Incident Commanders. Prior to her role at Slack, V contributed her expertise as an Engineering and Product Manager at Spotify, stationed in the vibrant tech hub of Stockholm, Sweden. During her tenure, she led projects involving internal infrastructure and the development of internal services. A significant achievement was orchestrating the migration of this infrastructure from on-premises systems to Google Cloud. Beyond her technical accomplishments, V is passionate about leadership and the cultivation of high-performing teams. Her unwavering commitment to reliability and resilience serves as a constant backdrop in her endeavours, particularly when dealing with the challenges of scaling operations.