Tony McCulley

Tony McCulley is a member of the Tanzu Value Advisory team at VMWare where he works with the company’s most strategic customers to help accelerate their transformation and modernization initiatives with a focus on helping those customers identify and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Tony has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry ranging from startups to multiple Fortune 50 companies. Prior to joining VMWare, Tony spent 9 years helping The Home Depot transform and modernize as Head of Developer Experience and Tech Insights. Prior to The Home Depot, Tony played a key role in GE Energy’s agile transformation in addition to tours at Booz Allen Hamilton and Comcast.

Tony helped pioneer Platform Engineering / Platform as a Product in 2015 when he took over Home Depot's development platforms with no prior experience in infrastructure. He leveraged his skills in software engineering, product development, and UX to roll out their new platform and achieve nearly 100% adoption by 4000+ engineers in less than 2 years.